How I Evolved From A Liberal Pro-Choicer To A Liberal Pro-Lifer

By Frances Ayers
For most of my life,or at least from the time I could vote,I considered myself Pro-choice,although I believed in restrictions.About six years ago,after watching an abortion video narrated by former Planned Parenthood,Dr Nathanson,I started rethinking my position,and did some research.I read extensively on fetal development and watched other videos on the abortion procedure.I realized how wrong I had been.I was especially struck by the fact that at only 30 days gestation,the unborn child’s heart began to beat.
                                                              For many years,as a Feminist,I believed in bodily autonomy and didn’t feel anyone should have a right to control a woman’s reproductive choice,but what I wasn’t taking into consideration was that the unborn child was actually a separate person with his or her own DNA and unique personality.I also saw all Pro-lifers as ultra conservative,and didn’t realize that there were other liberals out there who were Pro-life but still supported liberal ideals like a clean environment,worker’s rights,entitlements for the poor,birth control,affordable housing,and health care.
As I became involved with some of the liberal pro-life groups I came to realize that there were many out there who shared my point of view.I decided to form my own group on Facebook over a year ago,called Liberals For A Consistent Life Ethic.Many liberal Pro-lifers also shared my opposition to the death penalty and euthanasia,so that was the idea behind the group,to network with other like minded individuals.At around that time I also became Administrator and Page Manager of Pro-Life Liberals,also on Facebook.
.                                                             I have learned through my encounters with other liberal pro-lifers that there was as much diversity as in the Pro-choice movement, for example, while some PLL’s believed in exceptions for rape and the life of the mother,others did not.         

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