Pro-Life In Ireland

An interview with Thomas Carty,Irish Writer and Pro-life Activist

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By Frances Ayers

What follows is an interview I did with the Irish Pro-Lifer and Writer,Thomas Carty.He is also a Poet and Blogger and discusses his views on what it means to be pro-life and his feelings about the life of the mother exception

How long have you been pro-life?

I have been pro life all my life,coming from a traditional Catholic background, and from a First Wave Feminist household.

Can you be liberal and pro-life?

I have also been left wing all my life, and have never understood how the left can promote an idea so close to eugenics that controls the numbers of the poor, which can only serve the interests of the rich. This position I satired in my doggerel verse ” A Right Wingers Modest Proposal”
Were there any life experiences that contributed to your belief/s?
Before the advent of social welfare, with massive families and women having no rights even over whether or not she had sex with her husband it was understandable due to grinding poverty and the social situation. However, with the advent of women’s rights and the acceptance and eventual legislation for the important principle of marital rape and the prevention of same, and the advancement and affordability of contraception, a lot of these issues were dealt with avoiding the need for abortion that there may have been seen to be formerly.

I have been pushing that agenda on an ethical basis, not a faith basis over the past few years. I had been involved in a left wing grouping the Anti Austerity Alliance, which I was told “has no position on social issues (such as abortion)”, and was to be a candidate in Tullamore for them in the recent local elections.

However, pro abortion militants led by the Galway writer Kevin Higgins – husband of American writer and militant pro abortionist Susan Millar du Mars, led a smear and satire campaign, which focused on a laddish post on Facebook, and called into question the commitment to reproductive rights as they call abortion of the Socialist Party element in the AAA. Higgins is ex Socialist Party – headed by Joe Higgins, no relation of Kevins, and will do anything to pull them down.

The AAA panicked, and did not endorse the candidature as a result, thinking more of the opinions of folk who wanted the downfall of their movement than of the folk who set aside important issues for the combined common good, and everything fell apart. With the AAA, a Socialist Party member Laura Fitzgerald – who heads her own micro movement that is militant for abortion rights called ROSA – was one of the most vocal, and the slur of misogyny was applied in a half hearted denial that it was my position on abortion that got me deselected.
How have your writings reflected your beliefs?
I write a lot about all issues, including the life issue, and have approached it from all angles to explain it as I see it,and links to pieces are below. The Savita case – my blog on it being quoted extensively in the AAA spat – explained how the mother’s life should have been saved even if it meant the death of the unborn in that case.
Would you like to post a link/links to your writing?

Savita – A Tragedy of Errors

Savita and the Life Issue

It, Not I

A RIght Wingers Modest Proposal

The Shepherd, The Wolf, The Ewe and the Lamb

From the Womb She Speaks – Pro life left wing First Wave Feminist cinepoem

Comment of Kevin Higgins “The Euphenisms”

Quills at Dawn (The AAA Fiasco)

What The Virgin at Knock Really Would Have Said
It seems as if you are pro-life with exceptions.
Savita’s case was a tragedy.The baby was miscarrying, but did not do so in the expected time.Her water broke,and she was left with her cervix open for many days, leading to infection and death. A dispute ensued over whether she got the infection from the open cervix, or the infection was there already and caused the miscarriage ,rumbles on with neither side telling the full truth.

She and her husband asked for the removal of the baby,refused by her doctor ,a woman doctor ,who said “It’s not possible as Ireland is a Catholic country”. Now this is wrong on two fronts – Ireland is secular, and 30+ cases occur every year similarly, where the baby is removed to save the mother’s life, which is known about and accepted by the Catholic church.Not that it matters as to the church’s opinion when it comes to civil law, but the position of this doctor is even MORE extreme than the Catholic position.

It has been explained by the Church, a mother’s life MUST be saved. Where a woman has cancer is one example given, and needs chemo, but it may harm or cause the death of the child, she MUST get it if she wants it, and it’s not murder of the child,as the child was not targeted to be killed as in conventional abortion.

Ditto for Savita, while the removal of the child would result in its certain death – which is moot as it was miscarrying anyway – it was not to kill the child, but to try and save the mother as it was the best chance she had even though it was no guarantee.

In trying to play God, the doctor went beyond Catholic duty,and caused the deaths of mother and child, which I explained in my verse “The Sheperd, The Wolf, The Ewe and the Lamb”, and blog posts on the issue.

Its where the likes of these are abused that the problems start. Only common sense exceptions, even Youth Defense and the Catholic Church are of the opinions here.It’s a terrible thing to let a woman die of blood poisoning when  miscarrying a baby is not induced. Its where the likes of these are abused that the problems start.With the Savita case, being so pre term – notwithstanding the fact it was miscarrying anyway,the baby would have passed away on delivery.But the mother might have been saved. The family was Hindu so the catholic comment was sectarian, too, alas


In that case they should have induced labor,so she didn’t die of blood poisoning !I think Irish Catholics in America would have supported inducing to save her life.I just do not believe in actively aborting,but an early delivery might give the baby at least a slim chance.
And of course it would have saved Savita’s life

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